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Welcome to Metallo-Tests SA

The laboratory Metallo-Tests was founded in 1983 in La Chaux-de-Fonds the cradle of Swiss watchmaking. Throughout its existence, the company has adapted its equipments to the growing and increasingly diverse applications.

While initially Metallo-Tests activities were primarily focused on the external watch parts, the laboratory has gradually expanded its expertise to other sectors, such as jewelry, phones, medical, leather and chemical analyzes for all regarding the timepieces environment (packaging etc).

Recently, the department of chemical analysis has become increasingly important. In addition to metallographic examinations and material analyzes, the laboratory has gradually developed corrosion and mechanical stress tests and added them to its areas of expertise. The company also had to follow the evolution of new materials, adapt to the latest assembly and industry production techniques or increased normative requirements related to the allergenic and toxic substances in restriction REACH (SVHC, Annex XIV and XVII ), RoHS and other legislation in force on the planet.

The laboratory is certified ISO/CEI 17025 since April 2010 for the majority of its services.

Corporate vision

The aim of Metallo-Tests direction is to enhance its position as an expert laboratory for watchmaking within five years.

To achieve this, the company intends to further expand its service, improve flexibility and responsiveness, and strengthen partnerships with its customers by providing the best analysis tools to meet the increasing requests of the market.

The team intends to further optimize the repetitive administrative tasks so that customers can better follow the real-time evolution of their requests.